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Located on the 4th, and 7th to 12th floors of Shenzhen Aerospace Science and Technology Square (Block B), ATLAS is housed in the heart of the Houhai Financial Headquarters District in Nanshan District. Above double subway lines (Houhai Station of the intersection of Metro Line 2 and Line 11), the space covers an area of over 15,000 square metres. The themes of Asian Garden, Modern Jazz and Cruise Club ensure that there is always something exciting just around the corner. Whether it be sea views or city views, the space is equipped with modular furniture from internationally renowned brands, bringing a new experience to office comfort. With 2,500 square metres of fully-equipped facilities, the “Magic Hub” resting space, a multi-functional theme room, lounge bar and other unique features, ATLAS brings together the perfect combination of work and living spaces.


Standard Settings

    • • 118 serviced office types
    • • 19 multi-functional meeting rooms (charge hourly)
    • • Modular furniture from international brands, such as Steelcase® and Maratti®
    • • Smart lift tables that can be adjusted to the height of standing office spaces
    • • Enterprise-class high-speed Internet, communication equipment and printing equipment
    • • Magic Hub, multi-themed function room for relaxation, pressure reduction, maternal and baby care, audio-visual entertainment, etc.
    • • Shared telephone room with high quality, soundproof material
    • • A 2,500 square metres public area, offering a vast sense of space for relaxation
    • • Lounge area equipped with stations for professional barista services and bartenders
    • • Printers, scanners and photocopiers in a communal printing room
    • • Public meeting areas and rest areas

Standard Services

    • • Professional administrative support services
    • • Free fresh ground coffee, beverages and tea in the pantry
    • • Office cleaning and maintenance twice a day

Premium Service

    • •Human resources services, financial consulting and agency support, secretarial assistance, training management services, system management services, and more.
    • • ATLAS provides 365 days of community activities
    • • ATLAS 365 days of community activities









Located in the Houhai commercial center of Nanshan District, it is at Houhai Station of the intersection of Metro Line 2 and Line 11, with convenient transportation. It is adjacent to Shenzhen Coastal City, Shenzhen Poly Culture Plaza and other high-end commercial complexes, international five-star hotels and luxury serviced apartments, with shopping, food, and theaters all available. You can enjoy the convenience of leisure and fun while “keeping in doors”.

Route planner
Approximately 25 kilometres from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, about 35 minutes by car
Approximately 18 kilometres from Shenzhen North Railway Station, about 30 minutes by car
Approximately 6 kilometres from Shenzhen West Railway Station, about 18 minutes by car. About 6 kilometers from Shenzhen West Railway Station, about 18 minutes by car.
Approximately 29 kilometres from Shenzhen East Railway Station, about 35 minutes by car.
Approximately 20 kilometres from Shenzhen Railway Station, about 23 minutes by car.
Approximately 14 kilometres from Futian Station, about 18 minutes by car.



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