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Located at the 25th floor of Guangzhou Development Center on Linjiang Avenue, it offers beautiful views of the Guangzhou Tower and the Pearl River. The center covers more than 2,000 square meters and is equipped with 35 serviced offices, co-working space and 3 multi-functional meeting rooms. All meeting rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and natural light. The new workplace offers a complete range of modular furniture solutions from international brands such as Steelcase® and Maratti®. Customers can choose smart desks to adjust to the height of a stand-up office and enjoy the flexibility of a flexible office. At present, the Development Center Building has been stationed in the consulates of Turkey, Australia, Russia and Israel, and the building is well protected.


Basic settings

    • • 35 multi-type serviced offices for flexible office needs
    • • 400 square meters of co-working space
    • • 3 multi-functional meeting rooms for meeting needs of 4 - 14 people
    • • Modular furniture of international brands, such as Steelcase® and Maratti®
    • • Smart lift table that can be adjusted to the height of standing office
    • • Enterprise-class high-speed network, communication equipment and printing equipment
    • • Resting place - Magic Hub
    • • Shared telephone room with high quality soundproof material
    • • Printers, scanners and photocopiers in public print room
    • • Public meeting area and rest area

Basic services

    • • Professional administrative support services
    • • Free fresh ground coffee, beverages and tea in the pantry
    • • Office cleaning and maintenance twice a day

Special service

    • • Human resources services, financial consulting and agency, business secretary, training management services, system management services, etc.
    • • ATLAS 365 days of community activities
    • • ATLAS APP provides Bluetooth access control and smart office services









Located near Haixinsha Square, the intersection of Metro Lines 3 and 5, with convenient transportation, close to high-end commercial complexes, international five-star hotels, luxury serviced apartments, with shopping, food, cinemas available around. You can enjoy the convenience of leisure and fun while “keeping in doors”.

About 38 kilometers from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, about 40 minutes by car
It is about 5 kilometers from Guangzhou East Railway Station and about 15 minutes by car.
It is about 9 kilometers from Guangzhou Railway Station and about 21 minutes by car.
About 22 kilometers from Guangzhou South Railway Station, about 30 minutes by car



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