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Located on 7th, 8th and 9th floors of the Pingan Finance Centre (Block B), ATLAS is in the heart of Hangzhou Qianjiang New City. The building covers a construction area of over 6,100 square metres and is adjacent to the Vientiane City and Raffles City Centre. Pingan Financial Centre adopts the seven continents as its main design theme to create an office environment that is attractive and inviting. The project is equipped with flexible serviced offices and co-working spaces to meet the office needs of companies and members of all sizes. Office furniture from the world-renowned brand Steelcase® is used to create a stylish and comfortable office experience for CBD workers.


Standard Settings

    • •111 serviced offices
    • •202 square metres of co-working space
    • •6 multi-functional meeting rooms (charged hourly)
    • •Modular furniture from international brands, such as Steelcase® and Maratti®
    • •Smart lift tables that can be adjusted to the height of standing office spaces
    • •Enterprise-class high-speed Internet, communication equipment and printing equipment
    • •Resting place, known as the “Magic Hub”
    • •Shared telephone room with high quality, soundproof material
    • •Printers, scanners and photocopiers in a communal printing room
    • •Public meeting areas and rest areas

Standard Services

    • •Professional administrative support services
    • • Free fresh ground coffee, beverages and tea in the pantry
    • •Office cleaning and maintenance twice a day

Premium Service

    • •Human resources services, financial consulting and agency support, secretarial assistance, training management services, system management services, and more
    • •ATLAS provides 365 days of community activities
    • •Smart office services and supports









Located in the core area of Qianjiang New City CBD, it enjoys an advantageous geographical position; adjacent to several commercial complexes, international five-star hotels, with shopping, food and entertainment available around.

Route planner
Rail Transit: direct access to Rail Transit Line 4 Jiangjin Road Station
Bus: No. 156
Airport: approximately 30 minutes by car from the airport



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