Multi-Functional Meeting Rooms

Intelligent and Efficient high-end equipment

Whether it is corporate negotiations, departmental meetings, or employee training, ATLAS is equipped with meeting rooms catering to various functions, styles and sizes to meet your diverse business needs.


Ample and Diversified Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms cater to various functions, styles and sizes to meet your different business needs.

Advanced Smart Devices

With our reliable, intelligent hardware, software and communications equipment from international brands such as CISCO® and AVAYA®, your safety and security will be assured.

Efficient Video Conferencing Support

Video conferencing solutions will help you efficiently conduct virtual meetings, reduce travel costs and save time.

Exciting Training Solutions

Our high-tech equipment will provide you with resources and tools to conduct exciting, interesting and interactive training programmes.

A New Way of Working

With a variety of work spaces and comprehensive support facilities, you will experience a new way of working and an exciting corporate journey.